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WTH #842: Oww, My Navel

The guys are back after Nate's hernia surgery. Kareem has issues with the women's soccer team, Jason revisits an old game and Nate likes a troll. Plus...
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WTH #841: New Week, Same Name

Kareem joins from home after an exposure, we learn some truths about the Alamo, a 24 yr old NHL player is killed by fireworks, and Jason's 2 yr old ru...
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WTH #840: 10 Years of Podcasts

This episode marks 10 years of podcasting for Nate, first with the Nate Darling Show...now rebranded as the WTH Podcast. We celebrate with stories of ...
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WTH #839: Florida Tunnel of Love

Kareem reveals an ominous future for Democrats if some legislation isn’t passed this year, Jason loves Microsoft and Nate wonders if Super Heroes go d...
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WTH #837: Fuck That Guy

It's the new segment that has YouTube clutching it's pearls. Join us for the first installment of "Fuck That Guy" a gender-neutral calling out of peop...
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WTH #836: Hipsterocracy

We welcome special guest Johnny Taylor to the WTH Podcast. We get a little "Perez Hilton" on allegations that Bill Gates hit on employees, we get a li...
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WTH #835: YAKS Shack

Kareem has issues with FedEx and a rental car company none of us has heard of, Jason simply cannot fathom conservatives and Nate has some terrible roa...
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WTH #834: Teach the Good Parts

This week, we look at the movement to say there were good parts to slavery, how Nate was right about the Lady Gaga dognappers and a fun talk about Twi...
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