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Episode 11: Food Coma

Wyrd is back after a thanksgiving hiatus! Listen to us casually discuss random topics. In this episode we revisit our favorite childhood movies. --- S...
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Episode 9: Moving Forward

Join us this week as we talk about anti vaccination, buying gifts for the holidays, and Braytons pending Lawsuit. --- Support this podcast: https://an...
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Episode 8: Relieving Tension

The Wyrd cast gets personal while talking about the bedroom. We also talk about Voting, Dictatorship, and Relationships. --- Support this podcast: htt...
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Episode 7: Occupied!

What do you say when someone knocks on the bathroom door while your doing your business? Today, The Wyrd Cast discusses Halloween costumes, new age hi...
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Happy Hallowyrd!

The set is spooky and the cast is drinking. Come hangout and listen to us talk about a history of unorthodox medical practices and the tangents they l...
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Episode 5: Mylon's Hernia

Today the Wyrd cast talks about Mylon's history with a stubborn hernia, wet dreams, and tipping waitresses! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.f...
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Episode 1: Welcome to WYRD!!!

Get to know the WYRD Gang as we talk about anything and everything. Whatever it is we talk about just know that its going to be WYRD! --- Support this...
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