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A podcast with 3 friends, talking about anything and everything.

What were we thinking?

Today, we are touching on various behaviours, ideals and practices that shaped our experiences as Nigerians and Africans. Things like looking down on ...
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Job Interviewing Styles

Today, we are talking about our experiences with job interviews. Do you think job interviews are effective in their current format? Have you experienc...
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Best TV Series of All Time

Today, we are talking about our top 5 TV series. We enjoy everything from comedy to medical drama to thriller to action! What are your best TV series ...
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Misogyny in Rap Music

Today, we are talking about Misogyny in Rap Music.  What is the definition of misogyny? Is Rap Music synonymous with Misogyny? What do you think? List...
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Life without Live Sports

Today, we are talking about Life without Live Sports.  Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all Live football, basketball and many other sports games hav...
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21K Dollars Wasted on Education

Today, we are talking about a trending topic of the Zambian (Not Namibian) father who was upset about his sons' woeful performance in school, even aft...
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Dealing With Covid19

Working from home comes with its fair share of excitement and stress. It also creates unique opportunities, which are discussed in this episode. Liste...
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