Yashvy Singh

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This is a podcast of Yashvy Singh, daughter of Shailendra Singh and Sona Singh.. She is trying to arrange her feelings in rhymic order so all the Listeners can relate with her... Support her by sharing your feedback to her ️on instagram @starryeyes_07

Ep 14/ Tum ho toh sab theek hai

We all have that one person in our life who's presence make us feel alright no matter what we are facing in our life !
So this is the shout out ...
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Ep 13/ Tum aur Tum

"I have seen snowfall in desert. Am I so much in love with snow? Or do I trust desert a lot?"

Beauty of love arranged in rhyme
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Ep 11/ Barish

You will be the cloud above, I will be the grass below and everything in between will be where our love will grow !!!
- Mere seher ki B...
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Ep 10/ Maa

A mother knows what her child's gone through,even if she didn't see it by herself !!!
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Ep 7/ Safed Ishq

Yashvy Singh wants to make people know that love is not all about happiness and butterflies sometimes love is all about calmness and peace....
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Ep 6/Mere Hisse Ka Pyar

Yashvy Singh is sharing her experience of adulthood.... she wants the listener to know the other side of love...
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Ep 5/ Sukoon Wali Nind

This is a love story of a girl who is describing what is the meaning of love according to her ❣️... She is calling her love "Sukoon Wali Nind" isn'...

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