You Are Killing Me Smalls

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The ups and downs of life with children. Join me as I discuss life with kids, parenting, and the overall journey of raising children!

Take the time

Show them that you care and I think it will have a long lasting affect for the rest of their lives.
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Dirty Laundry

Are you still looking at that clean or dirty pile of laundry sitting on the bed, floor, or even the dryer? Listen in as that load of laundry is actual...
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Gender Reveals

The good, the bad, the ugly, the fun. Lets talk about gender reveal parties and the surprises that come with.
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At your request- Balance Bikes

Just giving some information about balance Bikes. Strider. First Bike. Specialized hotwalk. REI Co-OP Cycles Rev 12. Woom 1. Banana Bike GT
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Weekend Vibes

All about the weekend. Ups and downs from the trampoline park to Sunday morning church.
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Kids Accomplishments

Just another daily rant about kids accomplishments and what they are proud of vs. what you are proud of.
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