You Heard This Shit?!

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An irreverent podcast, with lots of whiskey and the occasional guest, covering whatever comes to mind.

Ep. 13: Brent and Bob's Liquors

In this episode, we finally have a guest, his name is Brent, he has a local liquor store, and he's smart as hell about whiskey which makes us look dum...
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Ep. 11: Doubling Down On Eleven!

In this episode, we double down on 11. TJ lost a bet, I went to Disneyland and yelled at a small child and her parent, we talk about awesome roller co...
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Ep. 10: Ten Times Better

In this episode, we do things ten times better and punnier. We talk about a lot of tens, the top ten Top Ten lists, and well.... It's a solid episode,...
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Ep. 09: Nostalgic as Heck, Bro.

In this episode, we take a stroll down memory lane: old video games, Myspace, Tamagotchis, new old cars and other great things. This episodes whiskey ...
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Ep. 08: Tits and Ass and Art

I've been enjoying time off! Sorry guys! We have a backlog of episodes to upload, obviously including this one. In this episode, we talk to my Grandpa...
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