Your Healthy Retirement


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Financial and retirement planning guidance from Steve Davis of Davis Wealth Management. On each episode, Steve will guide you through some important financial concepts and give you lots of important things to think about when it comes to your retirement future.

Life Insurance Strategies

Life Insurance can be used as a versatile tool in your retirement plan. It does require proper planning ahead of time in order to utilize some of thes...
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Planning For Taxes In Retirement

Tax planning is one of the most crucial parts of putting together a wholistic retirement plan. Taxes may enhance, or destroy a retirement depending on...
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Roth Vs Traditional

Taxes are an issue that are top of mind for many people right now. We have witnessed the government spend trillions of dollars in order to provide aid...
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What Is A Fiduciary?

When you start looking for someone to help you handle your finances, you’ll often see that many financial professionals refer to themself as a “financ...
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The Truth About Annuities

There is a lot of buzz in the media about annuities. Some claim that annuities are the greatest investment for your money and others claim that they a...
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Traditional Vs Roth

It seems that most people don’t have a clear picture of whether they should contribute to a traditional IRA, or a Roth.Let’s discuss how to determine ...
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Life Insurance

Ironically, life insurance is a young man’s game. The perception among many people is that your need for life insurance dramatically decreases and per...
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Paying Off Debt Vs Saving Money

Building up your personal wealth while trying to pay off debt can be difficult to balance. Some people want to throw every extra dollar at their debt ...
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