Your WoW Money

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The podcast with many hosts with thoughts and ideas on news and making gold in WoW.

Show 200: Good Night!

Hi all. Joe and Shinn is here for the last podcast. 9 entries were talked about and Joe tried to thank everyone. I am Joe and I would like to thank EV...
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Show 199: It’s RNG Based

Hi everybody! Today is show 199 (just 1 more to go). But that is OK. Today Joe and Shinn talk about: The Inscription mainstay: Darkmoon Deck Trinkets ...
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Show 198: Seed 7.2 or 2.0

It is just Joe this week talking about: Social Herbalism; 1000s of Herbs an Hour (part 1) and Social Herbalism; 1000s of Herbs an Hour (part 2). Joe a...
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Show 197: Take 3

Hey all! 7.2 comes in this week! That is why Vonblah joins Joe and Shinn for some wow gold talk. Here is what we talk about: Luxury mounts: Engineerin...
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Show 196: Power Coins Equal Gold

Hi all. This week Joe and Shinn talk about Making gold with Card of Omens, Simple Gold Tips 3: Making gold with Hexweave Bags, and more.  Professions ...
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Show 194: It’s Not Our Fault

Next week will be a big announcement for show 200 but this week it is about: The art of flipping by shinn, Has everyone forgotten about leatherworking...
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Show 193: Yup It’s Greed!!!

Hi everybody. Someone had some time off in real life so he could join us. It is Deadgreed!!! This week he joins Joe and Shinn to talk about: Yet anoth...
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Show 192: Epsorts Blizzard Panther

Hi everybody!! It must be E-sports season. But for us it is always gold making season. So here is what we talk about: Blizzard WoW API, Transmogs in n...
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Show 191: Token Titles

Hi guys. It will be Joe and Shinn this week talking about TSM 3.0 – Enchanting Mats Import List, Do WoW Tokens change how you play? and shinn talking ...
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