YouSpeak English with Ray Grondin

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Let's have fun learning English! Ray Grondin has been teaching English in Oita, Japan for over 10 years. He teaches English conversation, Eiken, TOEIC, and business English. He also teaches online, runs overseas tours, and owns the YouSpeak English school. He has two boys, and loves learning about different cultures and traveling!

Happy 2021!

Ray's back on the podcast and invites us to think about starting new habits in 2021. Let's learn more English together!
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What I say matters!

Ray is back after 6 months!In this episode, Ray talks about his summer and health and encourages us to say positive things to ourselves through self-t...
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Janglish quiz!

In this podcast, Ray talks about four katakana words (キッチンペーパー、タレント、ホットケーキ、フライドポテト)and gives a quiz to see which ones are Janglish (和製英語) and which on...
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Mastering "R" and "L" - Smile!

Today we learn how to master the "R" and "L" sound by making a small circle with our mouths for "R" and a big smile for "L"! Ray takes us through seve...
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Happy New Year! Stop waiting!

Ray wishes everyone a Happy New Year from YouSpeak! He also encourages us to stop waiting for our dreams to come true. 2020 is the perfect time to sta...
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