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Your weekly source for Toronto hot takes. Hosted by Melissa Haute.

Episode 24: Whose Toronto?

This week in YYZ Subscribe/comment/rate on iTunes & Google Play! Shoutout the show on Twitter with hashtag #yyzpod and follow @yyzpodcast. You can ema...
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Episode 23: Sufferin Dufferin

This week in YYZ Tales of the Sufferin Dufferin 29 Bus, Liberty Village haterade, urban planning and more with special guest Alexandria Ellington. If ...
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Episode 22: The Danny

YYZ Podcast Episode 22 This week in YYZ: Metrolinx gives "ride sharing" a whole new meaning, $15 minimum wages woes, "The Danny" and more! Don't forge...
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Episode 21: U N I T Y

Episode 21 This week in YYZ: Why apartment hunting is worse than dating, Drizzy brings the city back together, cautious transit optimism & more! Follo...
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Episode 20: Bear Tings

YYZ Episode 20 This week in YYZ: Bears in Scarborough, Presto in Shoppers Drug Mart, rewards for biking and more! Don't forget to comment/rate/subscri...
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Episode 19: Cariba-No

YYZPod Episode 19 This week in YYZ: Questionable Caribana costumes, endless rain, Toronto lines up (as per usual) and more! Don't forget to comment/ra...
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Episode 18: Cranes In The Sky

Episode 18 This week in YYZ: Ontario thinks of the children (aka people under 25), #CraneGirl is peak rooftopping gone wrong, Real Housewives of Disap...
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