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The World's Most Notorious Pop Culture Podcast that's highly suspect, yet unusually entertaining, with some spoilers and swearing involved. Guys and Gals get together to review and argue about Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Hip Hop, Cosplay, Cartoons, Comics, Comiccons, as well as interviews with artists, musicians, difference makers, and entrepreneurs. and on social media @zerodarknerdy

S4E14: Loki Season 1 Review

The MCU Multiverse has officially begun! Spoilers ahead as we review Season 1 of Loki on Disney+. We cover favorite moments, characters, easter eggs, ...
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S4E13: Black Widow Review

Black Widow is the first MCU film to hit movie theaters since the pandemic, and we couldn't be more excited! Spoilers ahead as we catch up with Natash...
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S4E12: The Tomorrow War Review

Amazon has itself a Summer Blockbuster with The Tomorrow War! Spoilers ahead as we review the film, performances, and talk about a possible sequel as ...
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S4E9: 2021 Summer Movie Preview

Movie Theaters are opening up again and it's time for our 2021 Summer Movie Preview Episode! We cover some of the films that have come out the first h...
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S4E6: Interview with Archie Gips

Archie Gips from Unrealistic Ideas, a full-service, unscripted production company formed in 2018 with actor/producer Mark Wahlberg and showrunner Step...
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