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The Zero F’s Given podcast is a three-man weave between local sports personalities Marshall Harris, Sean Bell, and Don Bell as they take on topics ranging from sports, entertainment and the Culture. They give zero F’s in unabashedly discussing their opinions on trending topics that move the needle.         

Ep60: Fraudulent Support

Marshall Harris comes back to discuss the murders, protest, and rampant racism. They talk about companies fraudulent black lives matters support and w...
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Episode 59: Changing Faces

Morning show anchor and host, Felicia Michelle, joins the guys. They talk about the struggles of dating during the quarantine and people going to beac...
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Episode 58: Lunch Money

Sean and Don are joined by former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas. They talk about Hugh's exit from ESPN, the Michael Jordan documentar...
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Episode 57: Therapy Talk

The guys are joined by Quincy Harris of 'The Q' for a therapeutic talk. The fellows talk about the need for men to be vulnerable and express their fee...
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Episode 56: Dress Code

Cole Wright from Marquee Sports Network joins the crew. The guys discuss girlfriends tripping at the NFL draft, sweaty parties in Miami, and beat batt...
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Episode 55: Eyebrows and Lids

Jhas Williams-Wood joins the crew via Zoom. They talk how bad people are going to look during this quarantine time and picking up a quarantine bae. Th...
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54: The Quarantine Rules

Don and Sean break down the rules of living with a Quarantine partner. They talk about what shows they're watching, how they are occupying their time,...
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Episode 53: The Rona

Sean talks about the problems the Corona Virus creates for not just those who catch it but for those who will be out of work. He also talks about Dray...
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Episode 52: Corona Flights

It's a whole lot of trash talking and roasting when best friends get together. Emeka Nwani joins the show to talk Spike Lee vs. the Knicks, how real t...
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Episode 51: Toxic Femininity

The fellas are joined by Mina SayWhat. Sean creates the term toxic femininity for all the women who have toxic behavior.... it's not just men. The cre...
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