024 - Level Up Your Awareness


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Balance - The Podcast


Sometimes there are events that impact all of society. Often these events make us think, but it is rare that they result in action.The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is one of those moments in time, this is a potential tipping point for society. It is up to each and every one of us to not just think about it, but to act. This episode of Level Up is a deep discussion about racism and discrimination, through the eyes of two white people who for all intents and purposes, have thought about the issues, cared about the issues, but failed to dive into a deeper understanding of what is happening right in front of us every day - until now.We discuss our own bias, the communication with our children, with each other, and get real about what we can do today to do more than just 'think about it'. The podcast looks specifically at how our real estate industry can be a part of the solution, and more than anything - it will hopefully make you take a look in the mirror and decide to be a part of the solution yourself. We always welcome comments and questions, it's time to level up our awareness.