068 - Adaptability with Nikki Green


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Rookie Leaders Podcast


Nikki Green has been transforming Fortune 500 teams for nearly 2 decades. Bringing her unique and genuine approach to management, she has defied the odds to achieve success for herself and her employees. Pushing her team to "remain humble" and learn through each new encounter. Nikki has built numerous successful team cultures of fun and comradery, triumphing over working for the sake of work. Confidence is key and being your true self allows this freedom. Uniqueness means being brave and having the courage NOT to conform! Nikki teaches you how to show kindness to yourself and appreciate your individuality while encouraging others on their own unique journey. In her own words… "I speak as the ultimate chameleon. Teaching others when to listen & learn, versus when to stand out & speak up. These are critical success factors in today's rapidly changing economy that can be applied to your unique background!"   Check out Nikki at her website: https://www.greenchameleoncollective.com/ And subscribe to the Stand Up & Stand Out Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stand-up-stand-out/id1554405642