101 - Unexpected Item in Bagging Area


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After a long delay, the Wikishuffle crew is back to normally scheduled broadcasting. Expect us every second week with our spin off show Goodnight Sweetcast filling in the gaps. This week we examine the correlation between the attractiveness of shoppers and their supermarket of choice, in a completely fair and not at all unreasonable segment we call 'Peeking in a Farmfoods'. We also learn that Phil holds himself in the top tier of Supermarket Naturists, let us know if you would feel comfortable with a nude Wizard in your local Tesco Express. Answers on a postcard. In the Shuffles we uncover the GREATEST DECEPTION since Dan Brown found out about the Da Vinci Code and Tom Hanks had to stop Gandalf from finding the old cup. Jesus was a right old sneaky sneak. Apparently, there is also a big vault where they keep all the nuts in case everything turns rubbish, which is becoming ever more likely. Don't worry though, we know roughly where they keep them. Finally, we bid a tearful farewell to Jack as he goes... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy