102 - Hula Hoopin'


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With Jack gone forever so begins our Saved by the Bell: The New Class years, or that bit in Buffy when she wasn’t at school anymore and had to deal with a whole host of new problems. We expect to gather up some new hip cool listeners, yet retain our original core of Wikishufflers, casting aside any die hard Jack fans, who I’m sure will go on to watch his spin off. Like Joey. In our substitute teacher chair and making her spectacular return is friend of the show Ruth Bradley, testing her Potato snack knowledge against our very own resident Potato Man. Thanks to Mark Winter for contributing, what appears to be a life long ambition of his. We have found the YouTube video, Mark. After a quick trip to Baker Street for a catch up with that Cumberbatchian autistic dope fiend violinist and his best friend / closetted love interest, we go on to look at some unsettling holes. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy