130: School’s Back In Session (And We’re Starting With The Census)


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Dear White Women


Hello and welcome to Fall! What we’re really excited about - besides our book coming out in mid October! - is our fall lineup of episodes. Now that we’re done with our Summer of Action, we’re focused on issues that have not only been in our consciousness, but ones that we’ve been hearing about throughout 2021 and ones that we’d like to highlight for the fall.   In September, we’ll be focusing on current events and topics that you may have heard about in the news - including representation in the media, Qanon, and so much more. October will be devoted to all things voting and our political systems as we look at the practical things we all need to be aware of when we vote this November, or in 2022 - or as we read or listen to the news. Finally, in November, we’ll be talking to people who are working on transformative change in their own spheres of influence, and see how they got involved in doing this impactful work.   And to kick this off - let’s talk about the Census. Because we’ve learned a lot about who we are and our own communities with the news that’s been coming out over these last few weeks. Have questions, comments, or concerns? Email us at hello@dearwhitewomen.com What to listen for: Our summer recap and what it’s like to have some kids back in school! The overview of our fall lineup Breaking down the latest census information - how the census impacts policies and elections not just for the next ten years, but for potentially the next hundred How lawmakers froze the number of members in the House of Representatives at a max - even though that cap is not mandated in the Constitution And yes, of course, how the demographics appear to be showing a marked decline in the White population of this country - and how that can be both reality and a question of more accurate data   Where to pre-order Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism: https://thecollectivebook.studio/dear-white-women Like what you hear?  Don’t miss another episode and subscribe! Catch up on more commentary between episodes by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and even more opinions and resources if you join our email list.