Dear White Women

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As women, we have the power of influence - whether through parenting, chatting in our social circles, voting, building and supporting consciously-run businesses, or simply listening to a different person's experience of the world. Two wickedly smart, funny, compassionate, visionary women, Sara and Misasha, want to help move the needle with conversations around race, identity, happiness and more. Join the community, as we look through different lenses like law and history, life coaching and positive psychology, to engage in uncomfortable conversations that will make change.

135: Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans has the specific scene that happens part of the way through the movie, when Coach Boone gets everyone out of bed in the middle of ...
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DWW 132 RE

This fall we’re focused on hot-button topics. If you remember, we kicked off the fall with a conversation about the census and representation, which t...
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