14 - Borscht on Toarscht


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Dining Room Histories -


Our guests this week are full of surprises! One is an accomplished doctor whose autopsy caused quite a stir amongst English officials, and the other is a famed Russian poet who was publicly accused of catfishing!  Also special this week: music from British folk duo Gilmore & Roberts, off their album 'The Innocent Left'! They had a song about one of our guests, and let us play it - thanks, guys! If you like what you hear, find them on Amazon or iTunes, or just google them! They're worth a listen. :) Wanna get in touch with us? Catch us on Twitter and Instagram @DiningRoomHist, like us on Facebook at Dining Room Histories, or shoot us an email at diningroomhistories@gmail.com. Please remember to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts (it really helps us out)! This podcast is hosted by Amr Dodin and Marina Moreira. Intro music by Lee-Orr Orbach. Thank you for listening.