22 - Infusing Grief With Grace - Ps Vanessa Hoyes


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The Hadassah Collective With Claire Marrinan

Religion & Spirituality

This week on The Hadassah Collective Podcast, Claire Marrinan speaks with Ps Vanessa Hoyes, the creator of "The Known - A Guided Pathway To Process Pregnancy Loss".

In this episode, we discuss navigating the grief of infertility and pregnancy loss, drawing from Vanessa's personal journey. We also expand on this and look at how she now uses these principles to guide her clients through many versions of grief to find Divine Peace in times of deep loss.

Vanessa is a gifted communicator and has 25 years of experience leading in the not-for-profit sector, church, and community, alongside her entrepreneur husband. She is a trained Life Coach to individuals, teams & organizations and is an Ordained Minister.

For more information about Vanessa Hoyes and The Known Series, please follow @vanessahoyes on IG or visit her website www.vanessahoyes.com.

The episode is packed full of wisdom and hope. I hope you enjoy this episode and come away inspired with practices to help you consciously evolve your life, dance in your sparkle & extend your light in the world ✨