23 - Intuitive Lifestyle Alignment - Shannon Beard - Founder, Nourish Hub


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The Hadassah Collective With Claire Marrinan

Religion & Spirituality

This week on The Hadassah Collective Podcast, Claire Marrinan speaks with Shannon Beard, the Founder of Nourish Hub and Nourish Hub Cacao. Shannon is an intuitive healer and cycle mentor. Shannon connects women to their truest selves through menstrual cycle mentoring and awareness, nourish hub circles and retreats, ceremonial cacao ceremonies, and intuitive healings. In this episode, we discuss honoring your natural hormonal cycles and intuitively aligning your lifestyle to your authentic rhythms, and finding healing from this space. For more information about Shannon, Nourish Hub & Nourish Hub cacao, please follow @nourish.hub.co and @nourishhubcacao on IG or visit her website www.nourishhub.com.au.The episode is packed full of wisdom and practical guidance. I hope you enjoy this episode and come away inspired with practices to help you consciously evolve your life, dance in your sparkle & extend your light in the world