24 - Your Life Is A Work Of Art - Vanessa Albury - Visual Artist & Akashic Records Reader


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This week on The Hadassah Collective Podcast, Claire Marrinan speaks with Vanessa Albury.

Vanessa is a visual artist, activist, and Akashic Records reader. She is the founding artist and director of Coral Projects, the first underwater 100% ocean-friendly eco-contemporary art exhibition on a coral reef at a fish sanctuary in Jamaica. Her personal work has been exhibited all over the world; in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

In this episode, we dissect Vaness's powerful journey of overcoming familial and societal structures and expectations which has led her to turn her life into a work of art.

Vanessa is an Akashic records reader, she is incredibly connected to her intuitive gifts. For many years Vanessa struggled with trauma-related Narcolepsy and now hosts workshops teaching energetic sleep hygiene and how to align with your energetic gifts.

For more information about Vanessa, Coral Projects, and Akashic Records readings please follow @Vanessaalbury and @theakashicrecordsreader on IG.

Vanessa in an outdoor public art exhibition in NYC this summer in Riverside Park on view through September 13. This is her largest outdoor installation to date, consisting of mural-sized outdoor banners from her series Porthole Waves (Svalbard), shot while living on a sailboat in the Arctic.

The episode is packed full of wisdom and practical guidance. I hope you enjoy this episode and come away inspired with practices to help you consciously evolve your life, dance in your sparkle & extend your light in the world

Much Love


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