27 - Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink - Iona Holloway, Founder Soul Breathwork & Muck + Gold


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The Hadassah Collective With Claire Marrinan

Religion & Spirituality

This week on The Hadassah Collective Podcast, Claire Marrinan In this episode Claire Marrinan speaks with Iona Holloway, best-selling author of “Ghost: Why perfect women shrink” and the creator of the soul Breathwork app, and Muck + Gold. 

In this episode, we cover a variety of topics from perfectionism, the dilemma and challenges of the gifted, competent child, life beyond restrictive eating, inner child healing, embodiment, and empowered authentic visibility.

We are big fans of Iona’s fluff-free no-bullshit approach to self-empowerment and think you will be too. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and come away inspired with practices to help you consciously customize, evolve, and support your life.






Ghost: Why perfect women shrink https://www.bravething.co/ghost