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Imagine this: you are floating, alone, in space. It's not scary, though, it's nice, a comforting lack of care or concern. What's that? Who is this, floating up beside you? It's Jenks Associate Principal and Known Dad About Campus, Eric Fox!Dad Chats talks feathered hair and saxophones with the Dad Song of the Day (1:48). We follow this up with "how not to coach a little league team" (5:29), "do you get jealous of mom?" (9:39), "how do you deal with being judged?" (12:10),  "does unconditional love mean you always like your kid?" (16:06), "what aspects of yourself do you see in your kids?" (18:12), and general ADVICE FROM A DAD (21:30).In the second half of our show, we get into our weekly segments with Ask a Dad, where we answer student-submitted questions rapid-fire (24:03), including a truly terrible Dad Joke; Dad Recommendations, where we recommend Dad Things to Do with your kids (32:09); and Dad Gifts, where we recommend gifts to buy a dad (number 5 will surprise you) (34:15).If you have any questions for Ask a Dad, or would like your own dad to be a guest on the show, please email us at jenksdadchats@gmail.com