#4 Pregnancy & mental health


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My Mind & I


“I would not be who I am without what I've experienced. I would not make the decisions that I make without my experiences.” “On really dark days I couldn't even make the baby's bottles. People think I was at home, being like Mary Poppins. I can tell you I wasn't. I was lying in bed with an electric blanket on. They were just really dark times.” “The other thing that has helped me is researching it. I research everything. I like to read up on adverse childhood experiences. I like to read up on trauma. I like to read up on being a highly sensitive person. I’m a bit of a detective of my own mental health.” In episode 4 we hear from one woman’s pregnancy experience and her mental health. Pregnancy, and the anticipation of starting a family, can be a really exciting time, but it can also be a really dark time for some mothers to be. My Mind & I is produced in Amsterdam by Liam Moore. The theme song is Waves by Pictures of the Floating World. You can follow along on Instagram @mymindandi_podcast or if you'd like to get in touch, or be featured on an episode, you can email mymindandiemail@gmail.com