My Mind & I

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The everyday positive and not so positive experiences of mental health.

#6 Body dysmorphia

In episode 6, James talks to us about his experience having body dysmorphia and anxiety. Asked once by a friend in a pub, “How would you describe your...
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#5 Coming out & anxiety

In episode 5, Chris recounts his coming out experience. He knew from a young age he was different. With his anxiety heightened during his teenage year...
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#4 Pregnancy & mental health

“I would not be who I am without what I've experienced. I would not make the decisions that I make without my experiences.” “On really dark days I cou...
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#3 OCD & Anxiety Coaching

"In my 20s I was doing my degree,  I was getting on with my life,  but my time wasn't how I imagined it was going to be. It was something I had to get...
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#2 – Therapy

"I went and did therapy because what was going on was unsustainable. I reached a point where it was getting too chaotic, I need to go speak to someone...
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#1 Pilot – Burnout

"In some ways, burnout felt kind of normal. Cause it happened so gradually that by the time I realised it, it was part of my normal." "In some ways it...
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