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As a father of five and a DHS employee with decades of experience, Jim Arias has oceans of experience that we dive deep, deep into!We start off with a smooth groove with our Dad Song of the Day (1:30). Then we get into the deep with discussions on having a 22 year old and 6 week old under the same room (2:20), how to deal with "but I want it" (6:45), "unconditional love" vs. "unconditional like" (11:05), parenting with divorce (16:11), and words of wisdom for students whose parents are going through divorce (18:17).In the second half of our show, we get into our weekly segments with Ask a Dad, where we answer student-submitted questions rapid-fire (24:55), including "how to talk with your kids about sex" (27:41) and "how do you handle the gross stuff?" (29:25); Dad Recommendations, where we recommend Dad Things to Do with your kids (31:07); and Dad Gifts, where we recommend gifts to buy a dad (father's day is right around the corner!) (32:57).If you have any questions for Ask a Dad, or would like your own dad to be a guest on the show, please email us at jenksdadchats@gmail.com