58 | When Triggering People is Part of Your Purpose!


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Pays To Be You!


But what if it's actually kind to trigger others? What if it's actually doing others a disservice by being all light & fluffy & not rocking the boat so as to not upset their sensibilities? Be BOLD like you ARE, you majestic maaaaaaatrucker you!  I would love to know what this brings up for you so flick me a message on Insta & lemme know!  If you want to enter The Cocoon be sure to book in a free discovery call on my website or flick me a message on Insta.   As always, if you're diggin' this episode be sure to connect with your homegirl on the 'gram so you can see all the shenanigans I'm up to on the daily or flick me a message at paystobeyou@gmail.com to work with me.