Pays To Be You!

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This is Pays To Be You! A podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch their day jobs, own their unique genius and be paid for their Purpose! I'm Michaela Lloyd, a Confidence & Clarity Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. Every week I'll be throwin' down wisdom from my wee heart and years of experience to help you ditch the fears, insecurities & bullshit stories that are keeping your best ideas trapped in your head! I'll be teaming up with badass friends and epic experts so you can develop the mindset, strategies and COURAGE to launch a soul-led business and leave your soul-destroying job. Even if you're confused, even if you're scared, even if you doubt it's possible - in fact, ESPECIALLY if you're confused, scared and doubtful - show up every week and say "heeeeeey" to the authentic, wise, radiant version of you that's rising powerfully from within! While information is flippin' neat, your transformation will come from implementing what you're learning so start before you're ready, start while you're scared, start while you suck, and see just how amazingly you grow in the process! Be sure to keep in touch on the daily through social media. I'm always down to exchange cat memes and Harry Potter jokes: Facebook: Instagram: I'll catch you on this week's episode! With all the lovin' in the universe, Michaela xox