#6 - Sugar Babies & Dating-For-Pay


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Health Is Hell


What leads people to pay, and accept money, for physical and emotional intimacy? Are Sugar Babies sex workers, or are they just girlfriends of rich men who get “spoiled” as part of the courtship? This week, we find out.Our Babies met their Daddies on websites and in workplaces and backyards. One was involved with a foreign film producer who took her to Cannes and the famous AMFAR Gala; another got lured into the dating-for-pay game by the founder of Seeking Arrangements himself, Brandon Wade. One had a Daddy pay off $30,000 in credit card debt; another is currently getting $5,000 a date, JUST to tie guys to beds. We even hear from a Baby who’s currently engaged to her former Daddy!Whether ultimately feeling empowered or ashamed, all of our contributors admit it’s an easy world to enter, and difficult to leave. Because yeah - the money, and the sex, are THAT good. (Written submissions start 9:15, audio submissions start 28:42)Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands