#8 - SOLO: [Getting Kicked Out Of] My Sorority


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Health Is Hell


THE RUMORS ARE TRUE. I, Princess of Taboo, professional rule breaker, and champion of individualism, am a former member of Alpha Phi: the hottest, blondest, whitest sorority on my California college campus. Even more shocking? I absolutely loved it.That is, until I got kicked out. For my first solo episode, I take you through the highs and lows of my 2.5 years in Greek Life as the only New Yorker in a microcosm of "Trump's America." From rushing (in club clothes) and skyrocketing to the top of the social ladder overnight to crashing down in a school-wide scandal that ultimately got me terminated, it was never simple.And neither were - are - the ethics. My sorority showed me female love and loyalty that I never thought possible, but within a system that's classist, discriminatory, and exclusionary. In "finding a home," I lost myself, and became a part of a much larger societal problem.Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld. Email her at ali@aliweissworld.com.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands