#9 - Your Sorority Confessions


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Health Is Hell


You heard my story, so now it's your turn: SORORITY CONFESSIONS, Part 2. And they’re WAY juicier than mine. First, we have written submissions (3:16), from the former Vice President of Recruitment from my sorority (!) dishing SO MUCH tea about rigged Rush and her blocked attempts at inclusivity; plus a former Delta Gamma from the University of Southern California and Alpha Sigma Alpha from University of Central Missouri. Audio notes (22:49), in order - old world values and fraudulent identity at University of South Carolina; a bottom tier sorority member at an unnamed Southeastern Conference school; another bottom tier member at the equally massive and frat-fanatical University of Michigan; a mixed race girl in a white, blonde top house at Chapman; extreme hazing stories from an unnamed SUNY; fake hazing (and very real date rape drugging) at San Diego State; real-ass hazing at a liberal arts school in Upstate New York; anecdotes from a Rush chair at an unnamed Division 1 southern school; and a postgrad traveling “consultant” who oversaw rush across the nation - and can confirm that racism, classism, and discrimination in Greek Life trickles down from the very top. Term Key: “PNM”= Potential New Member and is the same as a “Rushee.” Pref Day is the last day of the process where PNMs get matched with active members with (ideally) similar personalities, who try and convince them to choose that house. “Panhellenic” is an umbrella organization for 26 national women's sororities throughout the United States and Canada. If I missed anything, just DM me and ask. Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok at aliweissworld. Flashback stories, love letters, and hate notes can be sent to aliweissworld@gmail.com.“Greek life prioritizes the societal ideal of perfection and reinstates an age-old concept that the rich, white, thin, and beautiful are the elite. If the ‘best’, most desirable Greek organizations on campus are full of white, thin, and beautiful individuals, what is that saying on who and what we value in American society?”Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands