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Ladies this one is for you! This week we chat with Berri, a PMS & Period Nutritionist who helps women heal painful periods to increase energy, enhance mood and balance hormones. We asked her so many questions and she surprised us with some of the answers! Periods that don't hurt? Yes please!You can follow Berri @berrionlberry and see her coaching business at www.ahealthyflow.comSome things we mentioned during the show: You can check out there Clue app here for tracking your cycleSaalt Menstrual Cups o.b. non applicator tampons Please consult your doctor before making any changes regarding your birth control.Don't forget to follow us at @happyishthepodcast on Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest. You can email us at happyishthepodcast@gmail.com. Follow Courtney at @clfordd and Emily at @emily.kyle.d.Make sure to tag us in your #SelfCare2020 posts! TBH we need self care now more than ever...Stay happy and heathy, and for the love of god please wash your hands! xoxo Music by SIAS