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Happy(ish) is a podcast brought to you by Courtney and Emily: two average 20-somethings just trying to figure out the difference between a happy life and happy hour. (Just kidding, but a glass or two of wine may be involved). The girls candidly discuss everything from social media and careers to fitness and dating as they try to find happiness and purpose as millennials.

Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever asked yourself, "who am I to do this thing?" or felt like you weren't good enough, or that people would find out you're a fraud? Well th...
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Our Country is a S**t Show

Yes, we went there. This week we are talking about the the State of our Nation - jk - this is just a rant. And yes, we’re getting political. We've bee...
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Gender Stereotypes

This week we discuss gender stereotypes... dun dun dun... and share some of our own personal experiences. We also discuss this Harvard article about h...
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Grief.... it's something we all experience but never want to talk about. But we really should. We sat down with mental health therapist, Kylie Capps, ...
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Switch and Ditch

This week we talk with our favorite plastic free friend, Juli Mixis! We chat about the changes she has made to become plastic free and how EASY it act...
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One Year Later

HOLY COW Y'ALL!!! It's officially been 365 days since we released our first episode of Happy(ish). This special milestone deserved a special episode! ...
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Essential Oils

There's been a lot of talk about essential oils these days so we talked with a friend that swears by oils to see what it's all about. Is it just a fad...
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Enneagram & Relationships

You can follow Ashton @enneagramashton and linktr.ee/enneagramashtonDon't forget to follow us at @happyishthepodcast on Instagram, like us on Facebook...
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Meditation and Mindfulness

This week we chat with, MB Mannino. MB is a breathwork facilitator, meditation guide and holistic wellness coach who helps people maximize their innat...
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A Healthy Flow

Ladies this one is for you! This week we chat with Berri, a PMS & Period Nutritionist who helps women heal painful periods to increase energy, enhance...
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