Act 4-4 The Boob Whip


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Green Hill Zone


It took all of the internets power from posting our show on it's regular Tuesday schedule, but the Green Hill Zone cannot be kept down long! Due to site maintenance we were delayed in binging you this weeks delectable show but wait no longer, packed with vim and vigor you'll be craving more! The only downside is that for some unknown reason Logan titled the show and I am forced to write this very introduction. As you can see quality was lost in every aspect! Strap in the headphone's for this week's brand NEW stories where we will discuss the following: Introduction! Gaming News! Listener Feedback! Gaming Gem: Soul Caliber III! Undercard: The Top Five Greatest Weapons in Games! Main Event: Out of the Ring, A Soul Caliber Special! Reviews: World of Warcraft part 1! Currently Playing! Signing Off! I only used exclamation points which means two things: I'm really and excited and I'm shouting!