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Back in March of 2011, Eric Hosmer and Sal Perez hadn't even played in Omaha yet, and we started a crazy little Royals podcast. Through controversial trades, odd managerial moves, slumps, surges, winning streaks, and a couple of playoff appearances, we've been here to discuss it all, culminating in a World Series and the following rebuild.This is our final episode. All things must end, and this seems the right time. With an ownership change ahead, a new manager, and a new wave of players in the pipeline, we're stepping away leaving behind 8 years and 9 seasons. It's been an absolute joy. We've always tried to do our show our way and the things we've been able to do and people we've been able to meet ... it's been crazy. On behalf of our founder Troy Olsen, our incomparable host Jeff Herr, the kid in the back of the classroom throwing spitballs Chris Kamler, and myself: Thank you for listening. If you've been here since day one, my gosh, thanks for sticking with us. If you only just found us, I'm sorry for the rough timing...but we have plenty of past episodes online.For this episode, we invited Troy and Chris back to join us and just sat down and talked about the experience, our memories, our favorite guests and moments, and just had a lot of fun hanging out. There's not much in the way of Royals news, but we had a lot of fun and I hope you give it a listen. (ALSO: Should warn you that there is some cursing, as we just kinda let it go for this one.)If nothing's the rundown of the episode if you want to bounce around:Open: Mike McCartney, the voice of Kauffman Stadium, reads a soliloquy we handed him sometime in maybe 2012.From there, it's the four of us talking about everything.At 1:30:15, a compilation of the moments we've covered during the run of the show: "Everyone's an MVP to Someone"1:35:30 - The Fake Ned Minute1:41:25 - an old Kelly's ad: "Barhopping"1:42:28 - another ad: "Spit Cup"1:44:30 - Compilation: "Royals Are The Champions:1:47:30 - Outtakes: "Kamler is summoned"1:47:49 - Outtakes: "A Great Opportunity!"1:48:15 - Outtakes: "Sponsorships"1:49:50 - The best tribute to baseball I can imagine: A. Bartlett Giamatti reading "The Green Fields of the Mind"Follow us on Twitter: you, and as always, go Royals.-Michael Engel