Being an Idol backstage at an awards show; what it's like in the waiting room


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SBS PopAsia live with Kevin Kim


This week Kevin Kim tells us what it's like being an Idol backstage at an awards show. You wake up at 3 a.m and go to the venue. You wait for your turn to rehearse; there's usually a lot of groups (nearly 20!) waiting for their turn to rehearse. First they do a 'dry rehearsal' just to test mics and audio, then a dress rehearsal with the camera and finally a full run-through. In the waiting rooms there are so many groups waiting that you don't always get your own room. They put the names of the groups, in each room, on the door and sometimes they'll section the room off so each group has their own little area to rest and prepare for the performance. Sometimes there's no sections and just a bunch of chair in the room. If they're close to the other groups they'll hang out with them, chat, and eat together. Sounds fun!