Bernie or Bust 2020 - Worst Idea EVER?


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Anti-Social Media Podcast


This is my latest youtube video in audio format. There are zero visuals (except me getting more and more irate), but if you'd prefer the video to the audio here's a link: I'm dying to know WHY people think 'Bernie or Bust' is a good idea. I invite people to explain their motivations to me, but first - PLEASE WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING. It's only 20 minutes long. I will not approve comments that aren't based on the content. Thanks. ====== Check out my updated PATREON, now with added rewards: Throw your spare change at me in the street, or via PAYPAL: Ko-Fi (Buy me a coffee) : x ===== ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA on Twitter: Listen to the Anti-Social Media Podcast via; iTUNES: SPREAKER: SOUNDCLOUD: And on most other platforms too. ASM on YouTube: Xx ======== LINKS: [Insert here] MUSIC USED: Man And The Echo - Vile as you want DJ Shadow - Endtroducing COMMENT RULES: Sadly people cannot behave themselves, and to reduce the amount of far-right rhetoric and/or troll comments, please be aware that ALL COMMENTS ARE MONITORED, and will not be made public if they are abusive or horrendously bigoted. If you're trying to get a rise out of people, via a comment, remember - the public won't see it if I don't approve the comment, so you will have no audience for your hatred. So play nice. I invite bigots to discuss the issues raised in my videos, so stay calm, and refrain from using slurs, and you never know - you might have your thoughts published. x