Bio-hacking the Aging Penis: Addressing Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Brandeis


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The fear many men have is the thought or experience of losing an erection. This fear can be from a lived experience, concern for the future, and the worry of what their partner will think.   Now I could talk about how many social misconceptions there are about the penis and how erections tend to be seen as the end all be all of sexual functioning. However, Today I have Dr Judson Brandeis with me to talk about preventing erectile dysfunction and managing it if you experience it already. He even has some options of joining cutting edge  research that could help you with your ED.   Dr Brandeis is the Director of Clinical Excellence for GAINSWave. He has served as the Chief of Urology at John Muir Hospital for the past 8 years. As Chief of Urology he helped to start the Surgical Robotics Program at the Concord Campus in 2002. He is the lead trainer for Male Sexual Wellness for REVIVE. And in my experience, an expert in putting research into lamen's terms. Dr Brandies is going to give us 5 things every male bodied person can do to help prevent and treat ED, address the 3 pillars of manhood, and invite you to participate in cutting edge research to continue improving how we treat ED.   Many people have been asking me to make a course on how to talk to their kids about pornography and what to do when they find out their kids have seen pornographic images. I just released 2  e-courses on "" AND "" Go check out these courses on I have a link on the front page you can follow to get these courses. I’d love to hear how it helps you.   If you have questions you would like to ask Braxton feel free to contact him via email, voice mail, or through social media. text/call 385-449-1818 or email me at   Thank you again for listening. I appreciate you being a part of the hive.   Listen on , , , , and     Leave Birds and Bees an iTunes review Leave a Stitcher Review Birds and Bees Facebook Page Listen from our webpage