Black Lives Matter


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Hi friends! Although this podcast has been on hiatus, we wanted to take a moment to chat a little about the Black Lives Matter movement, and the importance of supporting and sustaining these calls for radical change in our systems of policing, justice, and care. We hope you'll take the time to listen to our statement and to explore the resources we have listed below for education and other actions you can take to support the BLM movement:The Leeza Rants Podcast episodes 103 & 104Small Doses with Amanda Seales episodes from June 4th and June 11thGettin’ Grown episode from June 2nd Bobo and Flex episodes from June 10th and June 14thAround the Way Curls episodes 83 & 84Cases of Color episode 20 (and all of them) Call Your Girlfriend episodes 252 and 254BLM: https://blacklivesmatter.comBlack mental health resources: https://blackmentalhealthmatters.carrd.coPolicing the Black Man by Angela J. Davis, Bryan Stevenson, Marc Mauer, Bruce Western, and Jeremy Travis: End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale (free right now as an ebook!): carrd: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.coCommunity bail funds and mutual aid: to donate without money: for recording police misconduct: to be an ally: is systemic racism?: resources are just a starting point and this list is very incomplete! If you have other resources you think would be helpful to share among our listening community please pass them along at or @arewedating on Instagram.