Are We Dating?

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We are two lady friends fumbling through life's big squishy questions (such as, Are We Dating?? Answer pending). We chat about a whole jumble of topics such as women's health, school, friendship, pop culture, growing up, and all the other things that make us realize how much dumber we are than we thought. Tune in and let's navigate the confusion of our existence together!

Ep. 38 - Stinky Dog Heaven

What's up gamers! We're back with a ~spicey~ followup to our first even pod, Padcast. In this episode, we chat about the joys and perils of ...
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Ep. 36 - Stupid Little Worm

It's almost Halloween! Be safe, stay home, and send us spooky puns. Apologies for the late upload, it's been a rough couple of weeks because...
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Ep. 35 - Prep Your Guillotines

Happy October, folks! In this spookiest of months we are discussing some of the spookiest US federal government policies that systematically enact vio...
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Ep. 34 - The Trivia Episode!

Hey babies!! Tonight is our first ever trivia night! You better be there, and if not, you are forbidden from ever listening to the pod again. Just kid...
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Ep. 32 - Wet A** P-Words

Hey y'all! This week we started off catching up on memes and our personal lives. For this serving of fresh content, we talk about a particularly infur...
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Ep. 31 - We're Back, Twi-Hards!

Hi friends! It's been so long! How are you? Well, we are back with more fresh, stinky content to delight your ears. In this podcast, we chat why we to...
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Black Lives Matter

Hi friends! Although this podcast has been on hiatus, we wanted to take a moment to chat a little about the Black Lives Matter movement, and the impor...
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Ep. 29 - We Zoomin'

Coming at you from the zoomiverse with some fresh content! This week we chat online classes, virtual family potlucks, stinky fish water, and some othe...
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