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Five Minutes of Doubt


By Holly Turpin. Featuring Abi Standish. Zahra can't sleep. The sandman has clocked off. Kip is not forthcoming. She's up for work tomorrow, too. But the hours, the minutes and the seconds are drifting by, with every toss of the sweaty sheet, every squeak of the bed. Frustration and panic are setting in. Zahra's thoughts, memories and dreams blur in this evocative and surreal play for voices, both human and parrot. Artwork by Sam Vickers. You can listen to episodes of Five Minutes of Doubt over on our iTunes: What is Five Minutes of Doubt? Each episode is a pocket play: a piece for voices, anywhere between five and just over ten minutes long, with artwork to accompany it. An anthology of worry, sorrow, joy and frustration, though we're happy to entertain other emotions. For fans of Talking Heads, Inside No 9, Tales of the Unexpected and Black Mirror. Do you wanna be a Doubter yourself? Reach out to us on the channels below and see how you can get involved: