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by Jay Lawrance. Featuring John J. Smith. This is a story about indecision and miniature trains. An overgrown boy remembers regrets that never heal an...
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Written by and featuring Aija Siliņa. In large cities, we all feel keenly the kaleidoscopic heft of our fellow humans. Okay, there's plenty of pleasur...
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Can You Do That?

By Holly Turpin. Featuring Abi Standish. Zahra can't sleep. The sandman has clocked off. Kip is not forthcoming. She's up for work tomorrow, too. But ...
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Daisy's Elephant

By Beth Gemmell. Featuring Julie Martis. Daisy has that familiar churning feeling: she has messed up. Only she is not quite sure how. And what she did...
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The Singer Not The Song

Written by Jay Lawrance. Featuring Alice-Rose Murray and Jay Lawrance. If you live in a block of flats. most likely you are attuned to the grunts and ...
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In Jeans You're Mine

In Jeans You're Mine. Written and performed by Emily Benita. Have you ever seen an object, laying there on the ground, entirely without context? Looks...
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Device Written by Myke Atkinson Featuring Myke Atkinson and Jay Lawrance This is a story about continuity announcers. The warm and affable voice, rela...
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A Young Man's Thoughts

A Young Man's Thoughts Featuring Martin Blackburn. Written by Jay Lawrance and Martin Blackburn. As our work finishes, we have time to just be; all th...
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Table Service

Table Service. Written by Matthew Smith and featuring Beth Phillips and Scott Hodgson. Naomi is eating breakfast in a cafe when a stranger comes and s...
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