Candice Hamilton-Miller: On The Outside Looking In


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Candice does it all… she’s a mother, a therapist, and an entrepreneur, seemingly finding time for everyone and everything, even, herself? Candice talks about the notion of not having enough time to not be okay; feeling like an “outsider” throughout her life, and how this may have contributed to a strong sense of independence. Sometimes being overly independent, however, had the unintentional consequence of pushing people away. Together we reflect on her personal journey, discuss unusual techniques to enhance memory, and touch upon the surprising similarities between sex therapy and play therapy.Candice is the owner of CHM Therapy Services, in Milton and Guelph, Ontario. She and her staff are currently offering online counselling services for individuals and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is the Co-Founder of The Milton Divorce and Separation Support Group, and curates “The Yellow Couch with CHM,” a YouTube channel dedicated to providing mental health support through videos and video blogs. She is also the proprietor of wonderful therapeutic products such as Theradough, Worry Rocks, and Focus Cards, all of which can be found by visiting her website at you have comments or feedback for the show, I'd love to hear from you! If you're a therapist and interested in being a guest on the show, I'd love to hear from you too! Contact me at Maybe something you write can be featured on an upcoming episode.If you enjoyed this episode, please take a moment to rate us and leave a review at Apple Podcast, or share this episode with a friend. Your support means so much. Finally, if you live in/around the Halton area and have concerns about yourself, your child, or a loved one, please feel free to visit my website and drop me a line.Social Media goodies: let's continue to help shift mental health stigma!