Championship Sunday - Leader of the Trip


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Mind the Mess


On this episode of Mind The Mess, we start with an unlikely NASCAR team that immediately turns the boys into sunglass people. Then we move on to the GOAT of the NFL calling it quits, but before that lets have Adam Schefter say something. See Adam, that's what it's like and we hate it. Anyway Brady has officially retired from the game of football, which begs the question is he the GOAT of GOATs? We discuss. Then if you haven't heard about Brian Flores's lawsuit then you've been under a rock because this man is starting a movement. We discuss the timeline. Then we finally get into Championship Sunday aka the last week of multiple football games. The Bengals punch their ticket behind some defense and the 49ers practically give the Rams a free pass to a Super Bowl in their "home" stadium. Then we get into our Starting Five which has us take a walk down memory lane. We are talking movies we wish we could see for the first time again and spoiler we enjoy stoner comedies. Hope you enjoy folks!