Conversation with Robert Stack


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In this episode of the Call Me Al Podcast, Al Condeluci interviews Robert Stack. Mr. Stack worked in the nonprofit and government field for the last three decades. Over the past 30 years he developed one of the largest nonprofits in his state and one of the largest nonprofits in his field.   His knowledge as an entrepreneur, manager and successful businessman has earned him countless awards and recognition from government and corporate leaders. He has successfully managed and built a nonprofit with over $200 million in revenue annually from his kitchen table with very little resources.   Robert is an adjunct professor for public policy, has an MBA and currently manages his multistate operation with offices in Arizona, Maryland, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York from both the Empire State building and his national headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.   He is an expert in nonprofit development, management and fundraising. Robert Stack has operated offices in Cairo, Egypt and is consulted by governors and government leaders on public policy and nonprofit development.   For more interviews subscribe to the Call Me Podcast on itunes:   Season 3 of the Call Me Podcast is brought to you by CONNECT Communities. CONNECT’s mission is to Make Lives Better. We achieve this by providing complex and specialized services for people living with brain injury and stroke in a nurturing and innovative community environment. Through our Life Redesign Model™, we empower people by applying our knowledge and experience to coach, challenge and motivate each person to reach their unique personal goals and build a fulfilling life for themselves. CONNECT is one of few organizations accredited through Accreditation Canada using the Acquired Brain Injury standards. For more information visit their website: