Crazy Critters of Lembeh with Marine Biologist Dimpy


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Planet Earth Diver


If you want to add a full dose of ‘Wow!’ back into your diving trips then you have to do muck Diving at Lembeh Resort in Indonesia. I just got back from a trip to the resort and I can say it is everything you have heard. There is an astonishing cast of weird and wonderful critters to be found – with new ones being added regularly. The picture to the left is of an extremely rare Festucalex Rufus Pygmy Pipefish my wife Giny took off of Bangka Island at Demak.The long flight to get there is more than compensated by the wickedly awesome diving experience, resort and staff. I caught up with resident marine biologist Dimpy and get her thoughts on the muck diving and the critters, today on Planet Earth Diver.Listen to the interview below or download it from the link; here to get Planet Earth Diver right to your inbox!Subscribe in a reader