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A Weekly Radio Scuba Diving Program

Atmosphere Dive Resort Philipines

The Atmosphere resort in the Philippines’ is one of the most luxurious dive resorts on the planet. Not only are Whale Sharks and Dolphins regular dive...
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Deep Sponge Gardens Tasmania

Australia is more than just the Great Barrier Reef. This is part two of my series of interviews with Karen Gowlett-Holmes from Eaglehawk Dive Center, ...
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Shark Shield

Preventing shark attacks with Shark Shield. There are several products on the market that help deter or repel sharks from taking a ‘taste’ bite from h...
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Sunset House Grand Cayman

Sunset House Grand Cayman’s biggest claim to fame starts with the underwater mermaid Amphritrite made by sculptor Simon Morris. After the Mermaid you ...
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Waidroka Bay Resort Fiji

Waidroka Dive and Surf Resort Fiji. The perfect combination of pure relaxation and exhilarating action, Waidroka Bay Resort offers mind-blowing Surfin...
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Top 3 Wreck Dives in the World

Rebreather Trainer Matthew Robinson from Midlands Rebreather Diving in the UK has done extensive dive travel around the world. There aren’t many place...
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Diving California's Kelp Forests

The Giant Kelp Forests off of California are a truly magical place to dive. It is very much like taking a stroll through a forest with light beams str...
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