DAY 2: Become A Freelance Writer [Mini Course]: Get ready to open for business


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Keep It Creative Podcast


So things are looking good for you, you’ve decided the style of writing you’re ready to do, now it’s time to get ready for business. Set up a free website: on WIX, Squarespace or Wordpress. Add navigation tabs including - About, Portfolio of Work, Services (optional). Determine your goals - what sort of job in writing do you want? Do you want to continue to freelance, or work for a brand? If it’s temporary, determine by when you’d like a full-time gig. Write out a list of potential clients and what their needs are. And specifically, who their audience is. Review their website content, what is the tone?   Figure out revenue. Set up a budget and an action plan. How much do you need to earn each week, what’s your minimum and desired hourly rate? How will you make sure it is profitable? Do some practice with your blog and figure out how long 250, 500 and 1000 words will take you to write. Specifically for pieces that are thoroughly researched.