Day 3: Become A Freelance Writer [Mini Course]: Start writing and figure out what you'd like to write about


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Write about locations, places to visit, activities on the weekend or even - suburbs /where to live etc. Or if you’re a bit of a lover of fine dining, write directory listings about restaurants and bars.   Write for Weekend Notes This was a great introduction for me to get used to having my work published. It even pays (very little, but still!). The more page views and clicks, the more money you earn.   Leverage your network through friends and family If you know people who own their own business or can connect you to the business they work with - reach out to them. This is how I built my experience in gas, electrical and finance (random hey!). Send a quick text or email out to friends to see if their business needs any writing for blogs, newsletters or social media. It only takes a minute, but is well worth it!